Hello, I'm Thanos!

Thanos Paravantis

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Hey there folks, I am kinda new here. Let me start by introducing myself.

My name is Thanos (and that is my actual name), I am from Athens, Greece. I recently finished my BSc in Computer Science, and I can't hide the fact that I am very much involved with creating software. Working as a programmer is - for the most part - a hobby for me, which is something I enjoy a lot.

I was looking to join a tech forum, as an alternative to social media, so I found this website. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Thank you,


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Glad to have you, Thanos. I have yet to have the pleasure of visiting Greece but would love to some day. I've got a some friends who are from Greece but I have no idea exactly where. They are all part of a family and are all involved with running a local chain of restaurants named The Gondolier or Gondola depending on the location (Italian/Greek fare). And I would love to study Koine one day for better understanding of the NT.


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Many thanks for the welcoming. Ah yes, I see you are a fan! Have you ever visited Greece?
Unfortunately no. Planning to do some time when I'm rich enough :D

Mediterraneans are similar to us Semitics in some stuff. Someone said I sound Italian when I speak English but I guess it's just a coincidence.

All I know about Greece is some music, unfortunately. I also like Antonis Remos and some instrumental music I don't what they are called . I'm not well versed in Greek Music, BTW. I Just randomly look around for Greek music because I love the style :)
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