Hello I'm Loui, i hope you all are doing well in these difficult times with the pandemic.


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I currently work doing technical support. I was wondering how is your day of work doing it. Do you guys do enough IT work or you have other duties that don't relate to the IT position. I'm asking because i don't think i am doing enough it work, since i focus about 50% of my tim working on scanners and printers.
Any feedback will be appreciated.


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IT stuff these days are all around. I'm a secretary and so much of my work is IT related, even what's not within my field of work since referring to the IT dept. only wastes time and effort where I work. Lately one of the engineers needed a laptop good for huge spread sheets with huge calculations and huge Autocad projects. I did the search for a good laptop for that. Had to do it locally so it wasn't easy.

Software installing and connecting printers and scanners in the office is my task. Software updates, hardware upgrades, maintaining email clients and the network folder, etc. I also do. This saves us time and trouble contacting the IT. Simple tasks but it does help to have an insider doing it on the fly.

Converting different formats is a thing too. Sometimes, for example, PDF files need to be converted to spreadsheets if they have tables, or vice versa if you wanna make them not editable and printing friendlier. Merging files together, editing the order of pages. deleting pages, and replacing pages are important to know how too.

If you're not an IT tech. working in a non IT field, the more IT skills have the better.
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