Hello, and help


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Hello, and help please

Hi all, new to this forum, so g,day!
I am needing some help with a possible upgrade of a hard drive in a sony HXD 990 DVD RECORDER-PLAYER i USE ON MY tv, if I am asking in the wrong area I am sorry. I am wanting to fit a larger hard drive into the above unit, and am wondering if this is possibe, the hard drive can store about 80 hours of video, which I would like to increase to at least a terabit at least, but as I have very basic knowledge, I am unsure if this is feasable or not as a straight swap, as I dont know if there is operating memory on the hard drive or not. As it is not possible to use an external hard drive thru this unit, I need to increase internal storage so as to have the unit operating as wife friendly,any help or advice would be great.

Cheers, Neal