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Hi All.
I have a Medion2890 Powerplus computer about 3 years old. It has an nVidia graphics card and when I bought it, it had a Radeon display adapter driver. I wondered if this was an example of overclocking.
The thing is, after a major crash, I can't get the radeon driver to re install .My computer keeps installing the nvidia driver by default. I have d/l updated drivers from the web, re-installed from the support CD, to no avail.
Medion tell me the only way to re-install the radeon driver is to pay them 100 squids to re install the recovery programme Retten.exe whuch was deleted after the crash when I had to reinstall XP.
My display, meanwhile is crap with greeny/grey halos replacing proper colours on DVD playback and high res photos.
I like to do a lot of digi art on Illustrator etc so this is a real pain.
Really appreciate any help offered.
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