Hello all. I need some advise.


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ok pretty much just built my new system. Before I list the specs and my questions. YES it is an INTEL system. I dislike AMD I have had 3 of there cpu's burn out on me so never again. Plus I find intel way more compatiable. So that is the reason for my choice for an Intel based system.

System Specs are as follows

Pentium D (830) 3.0 ghz Dual Core
Asus P5ND2-SLI Deluxe Intel Edition
1 GB OCZ *Gold Edition* DDR2 Dual channel ram(667 MHZ)
OCZ Modstream 520 watt PSU
2x BFG 512MB Geforce 7800 GTX-OC's
2x 120 GB Western Digital 7200 RPM SATA 8MB HDD(Raid 0)
Sound Blaster X-FI XtreamMusic
16 DVD+-RW
52x32x52 CD+-RW

My main question is about the Dual core solution. I know nothing takes advantage of the muilt threaded CPU, so a double cpu solution(2 single cpus) is the best setup todate. I know the 3.0 future proffs my comp. Now since I passed up on the 3.7 P4 EE for this dual core cause they werer the same price. Did I just drop $410CDN for a CPU that in all reality will preform like a single 3.0 ghz P4? If so will I have enough CPU power to push these very very ill cards??

Also is 8ms 1000:1 contrast ratio and 300cd/m2(NITS) good stats for a 21 inch LCD Widescreen Monitor? Meaning I will have no ghosting?

I went with 1 gig of 667 mhz ram. Would it have been better to go with 2gigs at 500 mhz? OCZ Copper edition? Just thinking that my 1GB Geforce SLI setup will bottleneck with only 1 gig of ram. But then I think about it more and it is going to bottleneck anyways even if I had 5 gigs of ram and a 4 ghz cpu now wouldnt it?


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On my mac, i have found the quad core's to be AMAZING! Also, i upgraded the ram big time and that made all the difference to. Hope i helped.


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the Pentium D is just intels new celeron with the duel core, if you want a good processor the best for performance/cost ratio are



But as far as gaming goes you are gonna get more bang for you buck with AMD processors, and they have come a long way the past 2 years as long as you take care of them and dont do anything dumb you wont burn.. and they usually have a great manufac. warranty. When benchmarking intel beats amd in close to everything except gaming. I my self am an intel man I almost always buy pentium but I'm a gamer so it doesn't really make scence but hey its just the way I am.


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Well preformance/cost ratio went out the door along time ago. $7000 CDN total so far on my system. Will that CPu the 2.8 ghz 520 be a better CPU then my dual core? like faster? or no?


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Intel Celeron D 315 533MHz FSB Socket 478 Processor

Is intels Celeron Dual core solution I believe. So hopefully the Pentium Dual core is a tad better :p


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dual cores are the way to go. There ain't too many programs that support it now but I'd imagine that soon all the new programs will take full advantage of it.