heard dis is a good forum


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1 of my friends told me this was a good forum 2 join so i did, hope he was telling the truth


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sho' is... yeah it is great... welcome to CF dont spam (trust me you will get flamed if you spam) but have a good time!!!


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Yeah it is a great place...Welcome to CF, but if you make pointless posts like this you will sooon be hated by many :)

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Yo man. This place is hella tight. If your into comptuers.. Well, I guarentee you will learn some stuff. Besides.. (just wondering) who reccomended this place to you?


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Welcome! Just two things to say that I say to all new ones: don't spam and have fun!


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Yeah, just keep up with the postings and you'll more than you think... at least, I did... lol... :D

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welcome to CF!
yea man dis forum is da bomb....

haha you should enjoy it. i love coming home and learning something new everyday, and helping people as well


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Welcome to CF, I hope your able to keep yourself interested here. Don't spam and stick to the rules and you wont get hated :p