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The headset port in the front of my computer is acting up, it did this after I installed a network card, but I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with it. But anyways, When i plug my headset cord in all the way in the port, I can only hear out of the right earphone. I plug it in partially, so the cord is sticking out a bit and I can hear from both earphones but the 3D sound is off. I know it isn't the headphones because I've tried the other port in the back. I would use that port but my headset has a mic as well and the only mic port is in the front.


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Sounds like one of the wires that connects the port to the motherboard has come loose. It needs to be reconnected. If you don't have a diagram that shows you where everything plugs in to the mobo, or haven't done this before, i don't recommend doing it. That's just IMHO, of course.
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