Fully Optimized
ok i could use some help
i need to pick out an hdtv for my dad
(and for me to use =P)
but any way i don't no a lot so some info wound be nice
first off whats better lcd or plasma? ive herd lcd is a lot better
second how many hdmi ports should i make sure it has?
any thing i probably should no before buying?
also it will be used for pc gaming so is there any thing i should
no to make sure not ghosting or any thing like that?
im look for between a 30 and 40 in
oh ya and one more thing
is there any way i can hook these speakers up to my hdtv so that any thing
i use like computers dvds tv or video games gets surround sound
thanks guys


Fully Optimized
thanks flightsimboy
but how would i go about hooking them up to the tv?

oh and i wont have any problem pc gaming will i?

ok its a 6ms to i shouldnt