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First, an explanation. I have a Playstation 3 that I want to hook up to an HD output. I don't own an HDTV. My computer monitor only has VGA and DVI inputs in the back. Since HDMI carries audio and video, I need some sort of splitter to connect it to my monitor and computer speakers. I came here wondering if it was possible, and if so, maybe someone could provide me with a link to such a splitter.

I'm also fine with HDMI to VGA but I've heard many people say it ruins the quality, however anything is better than by 1995 SDTV I'm sure. So anything suggestions towards that would be great as well.

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My point was that it was DVI and not VGA, so that he's still retaining digital quality rather than down-converting to analog.
Haha either is fine really. I can't read the text when I'm gaming on my PS3 so all I need is to get it connected to my monitor but I appreciate both of your responses. I'll probably end up going for the cheaper one.

EDIT: Well...the one from the UK that you posted i2D doesn't ship to America sadly.
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