HDD file system problems... pls help


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I have an external HDD.
It comes with some files copied on it by the manufacturer. Drive icon, registration software etc...
I did a quick format of the HDD because I did not need these files. Format was done through windows in NTFS.
After that I copied 200GB of files on it.
Disconnected it. Reconnected it. And all the files I copied were missing and the manufacturer's files were back.
But the HDD displayed that 200GB of files are still present although they are not visible in the win explorer. They are not in a hidden folder or anything like that.
So I used a program Paragon HDD manager and did a check on the file system. It did find an error and corrected it. And as it did that the HDD started to display as empty.
Manufacturer files still there. My files missing.
I have not done any further copying because I know my files are still there and I dont want to overwrite them.
I tried using Ashampoo Win Optimizer to recover the files but it does not find anything.
Any ideas on how to recover my files?
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