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just wondering how good of an upgrade the HD5830 is to the HD4850? got some bday money...but not enough for a 5870..and i might BARELY have enough for a 5850 if i beg for more bday money LOL (i have 280 total) so im wondering if the 5830 is a big enough upgrade to spend money on
defenitely get a 5850, you're not even that far off from affording one.

make a lemonade stand or something, you only need like $20-$30 more.
well i got the 5850..installed it, loaded the software from the CD...checked if there were any drivers on ATi's website..i just downloaded the drivers that i saw which were released 3/24/10. but i am having issues... i was playing warhammer online and didnt notice a big difference in the FPS...still about the same as my 4850. the real issue was when i played wow...i put the resolution to 1920x1080, maxed out all the settings like i did before but it was only getting 9 fps...with my 4850 i would get way more than that, around 30 fps. and the graphics looked a bit fuzzy

any way i could fix this? or is there any settings i have to change? i went into the ati control catalyst and just put everything to default.

starting to think if i should just return it =(
Those are both really old games, and wow's engine is being held together with duct tape (from what I've heard).

Try something new and see what happens.
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