HD space problem after install Office XP

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A problem was encountered after installing Office XP on my Gateway laptop that is running Windows 98 SE. The HD was compressed to gain storage space. After installing Office XP, there is very little space left on the HD. What can I do, short of removing anything, to gain more space?
So you compressed it using compression agent?

It's the only drive in the lappy?

That's a really bad idea! I've had no ends of problems compressing stuff in windows 98! Many many programs simply will not work properly on disks which are compressed.

If you really want to stick with things as they are, try a minimal install of office XP, or tell it to run as much stuff as possible off the CD instead of the hard drive.
Office XP problem

Thanks for the info.

The laptop has only the one drive. I went in and cleaned up the drive contents. It helped to get rid of the programs that weren't being used. I then used your tip to install a minimal XP.

It is now up and running.
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