HD PVR Help?


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I Record my TV with my hauppauge HDPVR in 1920x1080 it looks fine on Arc soft (software) that you get with the PVR after that I edit them on sony vegas which doesn't seem to contribute to the Issue because it happens either way, but when I Upload Files to Youtube in 1080p the Video gets lines across it, I have all the Latest Drivers and I have USB 2.0 which have Updated Drivers for the Ports. should I buy a Usb 2.0-3.0 and see if that fixes the Problem, This is an Example of what I mean to see the stringy lines watch in 1080p and Plus it's my video.. Get turned on!! Barrett across map! - YouTube
my version of the HDPVR is The gaming Edition if that makes Much difference, Thanks in advance! :') *EDIT* basically I googled it and I didn't know that 1080i which I record in meant interlaced so if I record in 720p it should be fine right?