HD 4850 HDMI Crossfire Setup Help


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So i need your help guys, My build hooks up to a 720p 50 inch tv through HDMI and i run at 1360x768 resolution and suprisingly its perfect, all of my games look great except fallout 3 and NFS Shift need AA and AF at 4x or else i see alot of piixelation on objects. But because im a perfectionist when it comes to my build, i want to be able to run all of my games at 16x aa, 16x af. With my HD 4850 thats impossible. Will adding another HD 4850 for crossfire help me acheive that goal? Or should i just go for a new card?


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new card?
i would,

if money is tight

id get a 4890 with a good cooler, and try to up the core clock to 1Ghz, could be easier done on the toxic edition.

or if u want a bit of breathing room for the next few years,
try out the new 5870 :)