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first off i just want to let you guys know, im ONLY 14. now, im currently running an NVidia GeForce MX/MX 400 (64 MB memory) its an agp (no idea what that is) not a PCI express or whatever. now, when i put in my new card (ATI Radeon x1300 pro) there's no video on my monitor, i know this card isnt a dud because i even had a proffesional try to install it and i even tried replacing it. anyway somebody at staples told me that its probably my power supply, and that its not good enough. here are some basic system specs if it helps....

'03 dell dimension 8200
intel pentium 4 1.8GHz
512 MB (really expensive kind of ram)

and i dont know what else to put up there :S anyway, its not a great comp, i recently ditched my old 40gb hardrive and threw in a 120gb along with my 150 external. if ANYBODY can tell me where i can find out what my power supply is, or how expensive a better one would be that would be great. and if that's not even the problem then please tell me what is.


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your new video card is an AGP card correct? if it is its an AGP 8X card.

does your motherboard support AGP 8X?

run everest and it will tell you everything you need to know about your PC.



Also pop the side of the case off and look at your powersupply, on the side it should have some indication of the Wattage.

get back to us with that info.

the X1300 Series requires a 300 Watt PSU or higher.

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to find out what your PSU either google dell dimension 8200 specs or open the side of your case and look at the sticker inside.


Lamb of God has the right answer about the MB not supporting agp 8x, I think.
Check with that, I think it is the problem.


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Jimmy2222 said:
says 8x/4x on the box, and when you say case, do you mean the tower?

Thats correct. Case/Tower = same thing

8x/4x on the box of the video card?

but we need to make sure your board will support that card.

Also the PSU power needs that could definetly be the problem if its under 300 Watts.
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