having start up problems

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this is my first time on a forum so sorry if i sound like a little bit of an idiot but i need some help if someone could help me. My brother was trying to install some RAM the other day and i dont know what he did but whenever i try to turn on the computer it just beeps loudly, the monitor stays black and nothing ever comes up. Is there something i could do to fix it? If you would like to E-Mail me with questions or a solution that would be greatly appreciated. :D thanks for listening and have a great day.
Did he take out your old ram? Exactly what did he do?

If you can answer these questions someone here should be able to help.
i think he didnt take out the new ram he just added another chip of RAM but i dont know if he put it in allthe way or even correctly, do you think it would have something to do with the RAM chips not being the same. I ended up taking what he tried to install and the od RAM chip out just in case he fryed the chips or something of that sort. Do you think thats what he did?
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