Have sound, but can't open "Master Volume"


Beta member
Recently, i'm unable to open the "master volume" on my PC. Doing some research with my limited knowledge, i've found that its related to the Sndvol32.exe file in system32 folder.

What happens is, when i try to open it via shortcut from the start menu or even when i go system32 to open it, it appears in the taskbar but can't be shown.. its just there, and no amount of clickin on it would restore, minimize nor maximize it.

However, i still have sound, and i've been able to adjust my sound from "Sounds and Audio Devices" from the control panel... The problem is just that the "Master Volume" and all its different modes and notches, are not accessible to me.
I've tried updating my sound drivers, and even replacing the Sndvol32.exe.. to no avail. It seems the problems lies in something restricting it from opening properly. Could it be a registry problem? I've scanned it with an antivirus and it finds nothing.

As far as windows is concerned, the program works and task manager lists it as 'running'. It just doesnt show itself to me.

What can i do?