Have Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170S and my video editing program is only reading DVD RW

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I have Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170S and it is only reading DVD Rewritables. I am using my video editing program, Premier Elements 7. I tried burning Taiyo Yuden DVD and doesn't burn. they used to work on that program. I just updated the DVD driver of 1.3 version instead of old version of 1.00. Why is my DVD drives only burning rewritables(RW) and not Taiyo Uden, and other DVD anymore, is there away to change the settings.. . cause I heard Taiyo Yuden are a great quality brand of DVD.. I used them for my customers, but now can't use them only Rewritables(RW)? Please help?
First of all, DVD drives do not have drivers. They are plug-and-play.

The reason you can not burn DVDs is possibly that your laser inside the burner is either bad or covered in dust.

You might as well just get a new burner. They're not that expensive.
What you did was called a Firmware Update. This type of an update can change a lot of the basic workings of the drive.
1) You can either try using a different brand of DVD's or
2) You can attempt to flash the Firmware back to the version you previously had, if you saved it or can download it or
3) Buy a New Drive.
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