Have any of you ever used VMware?

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I am trying to learn how to use it because it is super-cool software, but I am having trouble getting it to let me install Slackware 9.

I can't find the virtual hard drive. Anyone else ever used it? Pros/Cons?
Heh... no. VMware allows you to install other operating systems (except for Apple) on your computer, with out having to dual boot or anything else.

You log into XP Pro (for me), start VMware and then you can actually boot into Linux, Windows, Novell... just about whatever you install. Then you can switch between XP and Linux with out ever shutting down. You can have virtual networks too.

Very good stuff for testing other OSes and seeing whether or not a certian program will work with whatever OS.
It's really amazing stuff.

BTW- I fixed the problem. ;)
Hey þÄ®âÐÖx, I thought I had my problem solved then I get a memory error?

Do you remember what you did to install it?
I've stuck with using Virtual PC for quite some time, but I suppose I could give this a shot. Already had RedHat 8 running successfully, sorry though, as I have never experimented with Slackware through the software.
Well, I keep getting the same error with Slackware, so I figure that it has to be something I'm doing or not doing.
Apart from specifying the correct kernel parameter to get Slackware to recognize the virtual SCSI disk, I didn't do anything special to install it. How much memory do you have in your computer and how much did you give to VMware?
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