Has any one tried Windows XP Service Pack 1 Beta, v. 1068?

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Windows XP Service Pack 1 Beta, v. 1068 was leaked out of microsoft yesterday! (this is not warez it is just a leaked version which microsoft (used for testing) do not release to public)

You can get a copy here if you want to try http://www.windowsxpforums.com

No argument, just asking questions for thought...

From article about the beta:
Internal beta builds of Microsoft's forthcoming Service Pack 1 for Windows XP are finding their way onto the Internet thanks to some unscrupulous employees.
If these employess are unscrupuous, and it's been leaked, why isn't it illegal?

Is it okay to use "borrowed" software for home use as long as you don't use it to make money?

Just food for thought, maybe it's not a legal issue as much as an ethics issue.
Myself, I wouldn't download a service pack from anywhere but Microsoft, how easy would it be for someone to modify, add a little back door program and then own your pc.
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