hardrive failure after motherboard installation help!


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This seems like a real head scratcher. I recently fitted a new motherboard. After turning the PC on, it would boot so far then ask me to run ''windows as normal', 'windows using the most recent settings' or 'safe mode'. Regardless of what is selected it just loops back to these options. The 80 gb hardrive that I am trying to load has windows XP on which works fine on my other computer. I also tried a 20gb harddrive running windows XP which also works fine on my other PC with the same results. Out of frustration I tried an old hardrive which has win95 on and it booted up fine.

Whats going on - any ideas?

David Lindon

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It will be the hard drive boot config, not working with your new motherboard. You will have to install XP again (Don't worry, you would loose any files!). I had the same problem.