Harddrive problem


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My friend gave me his computer to take a look at and to reformat/install windows and norton and all that. But first I wanted to see if you guys knew how to fix the problem.

When we start up the computer it loads normally, it detects the harddrive but then it goes to the menu where you choose safe mode, safe mode with networking, normal mod and all that. We've tried every option from that menu and all it does is try to load then it restarts the computer and there pops ujp the menu again...

It had windows XP Pro running on it with all the latest software, norton 2004, spybot, ad-aware.


Just wanna know how to get it to load windows normally again, and if thats not possible is there a easier way then reformatting and reinstalling everything?

Well if he has the Windows Disc. Then download activekill and put it on a floppy to destroy everything on his hard drive. Then install windows fresh, I doubt that the files can be brought back.


How to do a system repair.--Boot from the xp cd and go past the recovery console to the install menu. Select repair the existing installation. You won't lose any data except the xp updates. Unless you have a slipstream sp1 cd you will have to d/l sp1 and all subsequent updates. You MUST have at least SP1 installed and the updates for security reasons. Be sure the firewall and A/V is active before going online as you will be susceptible to sasser and msblaster. If you don't want SP2 go to autopatcher.com and d/l SP1 and subsequent updates.