Harddrive failure please help


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well for about the past month my computer has been crashing multiple times daily and usually giving me some error screen like smart hard failure backup and replace immediately

errord code oxc0000006

downloaded disk checkup to check that status of my hard drive and it says rellocated sector count FAIL

what does this mean?

do i need to buy a new hard drive orrrrr is there any way to fix this?

cmon guys theres over 40 of you reading this topic im sure someone has SOME knowledge to my problem...


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It could be a Virus problem or corrupt file in your registry, try cleaning you registry by using a reg cleaner program and then scan ur computer for spyware and anything like that

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Sounds to me like your hard drive is dying. You can check with the drive manufacturer to see if it's still under warranty and eligible for a replacement. I would highly suggest backing up your important files, pics, etc. to another drive or CD/DVD before it gives out completely.


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uh.... what kind of files would be importent?...

i dont really have any importent documents exetra that i would be worried about loseing?

can i just take my old harddrive out of a compaq presario ( 160gb hd) and slave it to remove viruses and then throw er in Lol?

if i buy a new hard drive how would i go about doing this "changeover" ?

also im haveing troubles takeing out the harddrive from the presario because it is fastend by screws on both sides and only one side of the case comes off... other is secured by rivets and i cant seem to get the hard drive out any other way XD

just managed to get the hard drive out of old compaq machine turns out all i had to do was slide it out XD