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I was helping a friend with an AMD Athlon XP installation, and the CPU went in with no problem. But...the heatsink was another issue. It was REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to get the 2nd clip on...I had to press extremely hard with a screwdriver to get the thing in...and it slipped before multiple times when I didn't press as hard...if it slipped when I finally got it in....that motherboard would have had a large hole in it. I'm using the heatsink that came with the retail CPU. Any comments?
The stock heatsink is usually a pain to get on and off, as you may end up breaking up one of the notches where your clip goes, but the CoolerMaster I have installed without a hitch.
Often HSF manufacturers are kind enough to give you custom tools for attaching your heatsink. For example, my nice big Zalman heatsink came with clips that had a hole in one end, and a metal bar that fit nicely into the hole.. that way it couldn't possibly slip, and i was free to press as hard as i wanted.
Another question regarding this.. If I were to press as hard as I wanted on the clip only, nothing would happen to the processor right? Because the installation said not to push down on the heatsink, but I'm only pushing on the clip. And I think I'll be using Volcano 7's from now on.
Crap? Then how come the clip from the retail fan is so FRICKIN hard to get on?! Oh well...it wont be a problem because Volcano 7's are the only thins I'll buy..unless anyone has any other suggestions that aren't too expensive?
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