HARD!!! Tech question for hdd junkies. Here is a fix for you!


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I was working on my computer one night bc my dvd burner wasn't working right and its been about 2 weeks since i've restarted it. Since it was late at night (meaning I'm freakin' tired not paying very close attention to what I was doing and being a moron for doing this) I opened up my computer and discounted my 120gig WD hdd power cable. Then I get the wise decision to put to back in while my computer is on. I naturally got blue screen and I restarted my computer and it takes forever to boot now (reformat I know). Well I soon decovered that my 120gig hdd wasn't being recongized so I went to device manager, scanned for hardware changes and it pops up for about a split of a second. I later put my hdd in my external hard drive casing and turned it on and nothing. I'm out of ideas on what I should do because the information I have on there is of course long hours downloading and lan party raping of files. I just want to be able to save my files or at least some of them. I don't know what programs I should use like western digitals something Guard.


PC specs
asus-E mobo
amd 3500+
four sticks of ddr400 512mg duel channel pariot memory
80, 120, 200, and 320gig hdds
atix800gto sapphire video card

Word of advice don't be stupid for one night because you'll regret it later...


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I think you killed your drive. Probably jammed the drive when u plugged in when the computer's still running. Its like trying to enter a car running at 100MPH when you're actually a hitchhiker, stationary by the side of the road.

If you really need the data, go for data recovery service.

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