Hard drives


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I recently purchased a new motherboard (ABIT IC-7G) and hooked all my old components up. Everything works fine except for the hard drives which sucks because they are the worst thing that could out. I had two drives, both western digital and they were both working before I switched the motherboard. One was the primary and other I backed my system up using Norton Ghost. The one drive would not even be recognized by the motherboard and I had a friend hook it up to his drive. No luck, so I took it as bad luck and ordered a new one. The second drive is recognized and Goback comes up but then it states a failure code:gb_ui_system (1147). Does this mean both drives are bad and if so, something seems wrong. How can both drives go out when nothing was running? Can anyone help? Thanks

CPU: Northwood P4, 3.0 Ghz with HT
2 GB of SDRAM (4-512MB)
40GB and 30GB Hard Drives