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Anyone ever try to upgrade there hard drive while running Windows XP? You can't do it without reinstalling the entire OS. All your programs everything.
Well, if youre replacing the boot drive, of course you have to reinstall everything, but if youre just putting in another hard drive, there shouldnt be any problems. A few more details on your exact problem would be nice.
Personally I wouldn't touch any of your internals while your computer is running :) If you're replacing the boot drive, back up your stuff with XP's backup tools, then put it back on your new drive.
Ahem, I dont think that he meant that the computer was actually running at the time. He simply meant that his operating system is Windows XP.
Of course I

In any other windows you could clone the hard drive. No problem. Don't you think they should have incorperated it into XP. Like no one's going to upgrade there hard drive. Don't you think they should have thought about it? And yes I meant Windows XP was my OS. Not that the computer was running at the time.
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