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Firstly, posting a new topic since my old one was a bit plain and went no where, if a moderator could delete it please, Thank you.

Reason for replacement: My old hard drive [Western Digital 80 GB] is far too small and as applications such as games get bigger in size, it's taking up the 80 GB faast.

Secondly, my budget is around £40 - £60 and can go above that budget if really needed to [converting to $, I think it's about $82 - $ 124 ish?].
I'm really only looking for hard drives produced by western digital as it's the only one I've been using for years. Below is what I've found which I think is suitable as an upgrade: http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?product_id=6616

The price in dollars is about $110 ish

I'm on a Packard Bell Imedia5116SE desktop PC, and my motherboard supports 48bit, but only does IDE and ATA not SATA

So basically, is 250 GB enough to last me a while? and how is it possible to have 2 HDDS, I thought a PC only has one ATA / IDE cable or w/e?

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You will have MORE than enough space on a 250... and all you need is a ribbon cable that has 2 IDE connectors on it... Change the hard drives so that they are CS (Cable Select) and put the 80GB (with the OS on it) on the very end connector, and put the slave (250) on the second one then reboot your system and let the system recognize it... you may also have to load up the disk tat usually comes with hard drives tat have a bigger size so that the computer will see all of the drive.
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