hard drive questions


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hi i havea few questions about hard drives that i hope u can answer

1. is there a noticalble difference between a hard drive with a 8mb cache and a hard drive with a 16mb cache?

2. would 2 sata hard drives in raid 0 be nearly as good as a 10000rpm raptor?

3. is it worth gettin raid 0?

thx for your answers


1) I don't know from experience, but there should be a fairly noticeable difference in data access rates.

2) A 10,000 RPM drive is obviously going to be faster than the SATA setup. This decision just comes down to whether you want two hard drives or only one faster one (you could always RAID two 10,000 RPM drives).

3) I've never really been a big fan of RAIDing since it's much easier and cheaper just to get one big hard drive. It just depends on what you want.