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I'm confused when looking at one of my hard drives and am wondering if someone can help me please.

The drive in question is my F: Drive which is a Kingston 120GB. When I look at the 'properties' in internet explorer it is showing as 62.9GB used space with 2.22 GB free.

When I go into Macrium Reflect it is showing as 120GB with a red bar showing and two figures in the bottom left hand corner of 60.74 GB and 62.96 GB and there is a greyed out area showing 48.83 GB.

Would someone be able to explain this for me please.

I have attached a couple of images which I hope will show my problem in more details.


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For some reason it looks like the size of the partition size on the drive is smaller than the maximum size of the drive - presumably a misconfiguration by the factory. It might be they make a default partition on their drives and put the image for the 64GB drive instead of the 120GB drive on it before shipping.

My recommendation is either:
1) Move all the data you have on there to a different drive, and then format the drive but set it to the full ~120GB
2) If it is able to, use Macrium Reflect to expand the size of the partition from the 62.96GB to the full ~120GB.

A less likely possibility is that the rest is a hidden backup partition, but if so it's unusually large.
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Thank you for your input Yami. I was able to expand the partition to its full size and it worked a treat.

Thanks again for your help.
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