Hard Drive LED connection

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I just got done building a computer for a relative. This is gonna sound alittle sad, but here goes. Everything went great, no problems, even got the usb manually wired :) lol ,,

When i wired the HD LED connection, for some reason i just get a constent light, not a blinking when accessing hd, and still stays lit when hd is not being accessed.

I put an ASUS A7S333 mobo in it, and the case HD connector is just your basic + and - connector.

Now ASUS hasnt set aside a pin placement for HD LED on this board, but they have set aside for SYSTEM MESSAGE LED.

I dont know what to do? /shurgs

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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If it looks like its in the right spot, try flipping it over, that may be the problem.
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