Hard drive dead?

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Everytime I reboot my pc I get this error that says drive 0 on the primary ide controller is operating outside of normal specifications(or something like that). It says to backup and replace the drive. So I'm shopping for a new one but I really want to upgrade to SATA but I'm not sure if my MOBO supports it. I opened the pc and I think I see what might be SATA ports(bottom right section of the MB by the chipset) but I'm not sure. Is there any way to know for sure if my MB supports SATA???

BTW, it is a dell dimension 4600 if that helps.


go to google, type in CPU-Z, and run the program, or get Everest Home Edition, and it will tell you. or if u can go to

Start>Control panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>Hard Disk, and it will tell u which type it is.


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I can see your are a noob.

ATA is a 40 pin socket while SATA is like a small 5 pin socket.

ATA offers a much snugger fit....and sata doesnt....
For sata...either duct tape it to the drive or get a right angle socket.

Anyways....it sounds like you have smart turned on....
You may never know...but its probably a platter crash...where you will need erd commander....unless you wanna pay $100 a gig...

Dont forget to freeze the drive....

I had a balance of luck an ingenuity backing up a 400gb drive...
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