Hard Drive crapped out

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Dell 4700C, w/ Western Digital SATA drive
Windows XP PRo

I have a SATA drive that is not making me happy. I just need some files off this darn thing. it has 3 partitions (thanks to dell factory, i don't know why they have all that crap)
partition 1- very small- i think 8MB
partition 2- my OS, and my documents, and data
partition 3-some crappy diagnostics stuff from dell

its dead,,, when i turn on the computer, starts to load, then craps out., either blank screen, or BSOD, or hal.dll is missing or corrupt, or "unmountable". this all from windows.

so i took it out, stuck it my desktop (my own build) that has 2 SATA ports. I boot windows from my drive, and boots up, but it freezes on and off, the bad drive shows up in "my computer" but its not accessable.

then i tried spinrite 6, it found like 4 bad sectors, but deemed them unrecoverable. Fine...

then i used knoppix 3.9, and simplyMEPIS 3.3, same result. actually with mepis i could get the 3rd partition (useless info), but 1 and 2 were unmountable, and i got some error about a log file.

I'm thinking that the drive is physically damaged and i need to take it to a data recovery place. Unless anyone else has any recommendations. Drive doesn't seem to make any wierd noises.

Thanks in advance
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