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hi, not too long ago my pc died and I am getting it looked at soon but I need some of the files that were on the hard drive, I want to view them on my other computer that is running win ME and the hard drive that has my files has xp installed, I first attatched the hd to the 'slave' port on the ME's hard drive cable and when botted up it gathered new hardware info, but when I went to my computer there were no other drives there. so I then tried to boot up the hard drive on the master port hoping it would run my xp, but no luck because i got a message saying the computer could not recognize os. So if anyone could help that would be great, cheers.


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Put the HDD back in slave and then boot up. go into device manager and see if it "sees" the HDD. if it does is there any errors beside it?


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It probably won't show up. while the NTFS file system can see all other file systems the ME is a Fat32 and cannot see the NTSF so until the drive was reformated into a Fat file system it can't be seen on ME.