Hangs during boot

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This one has me stumped. OS is Win98SE. System hangs while loading windows drivers (using confirmation mode during boot to confirm this). It stops at loading 'ptvcd.vxd' whether you select to load this driver or not. Not sure what this driver is for, don't know if that's even important. Reloaded operating system without any change. Can boot into safe mode but don't have any action to perform (can we say clueless?) so that's no help. Is it possible to get CD functionality in Safe Mode so that you can run Norton or will it not run in safe mode anyway? System was working fine when last used, no new applications or hardware added. Help please!
This behavior can occur because of a modem driver error or an invalid modem-related Windows Registry entry.

The Ptvcd.vxd virtual device driver, which is part of the PCTell modem driver files, may be loading as a StaticVXD entry in the Windows registry.
To resolve this issue, use either of the following methods.
Method 1: Uninstall the PCTell Chip-Set Winmodem
You can uninstall some PCTell chip-set modems by clicking Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. This is the recommended way to remove the Ptvcd.vxd file. If there is no reference to the PCTell Winmodem under Add/Remove Programs, contact PCTell or your computer's manufacturer (if this modem came preinstalled) for information about uninstalling the modem.

To uninstall the modem by using Add/Remove Programs, follow these steps:
Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
In Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs.
Search for the PCTell Winmodem in the list of installed programs. When you locate it, select it, click the Install/Uninstall button, and then follow the uninstall directions.
Method 2: Delete the StaticVXD Entry from the Windows Registry
WARNING: If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that you can solve problems that result from using Registry Editor incorrectly. Use Registry Editor at your own risk.

This procedure will disable the PCTell Winmodem. Browse to the following PCTell Web site for updated driver information:


To delete the StaticVXD entry from the Windows Registry, follow these steps:

Start your computer in Safe mode.
Click Start, and then click Run.
In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.
In Registry Editor, expand the following subkey:


NOTE: If your computer has more than one modem, a registry subkey may appear for each installed modem. For example:


Follow steps 5 through 7 to delete the StaticVXD entry for each of these subkeys.
In the right pane, click the StaticVXD entry that has a Data value of Ptvcd.vxd in the Name list.
On the Edit menu, click Delete.
On the Confirm Value Delete message that appears, click Yes.
Quit Registry Editor, and then restart the computer.
Still hangs

Thanks for the response, I did what you suggested and think the problem may be more elusive. Still hangs during boot while loading windows drivers, I think it gets one step farther, loading 'cshook.vxd'. I followed your advice in that I used the 'add/remove programs' to remove the modem drivers rather than risk more problems through the registry editor.

Is this a problem that Norton Utilities can resolve? Can Norton be run in safe mode and if so, how do you install the cdrom drivers in safe mode? Thanks again for the response.
did it boot into normal when you removed the modem drivers? If so then im not sure what to tell you other then get a better modem, they are so cheap now, and PCtel is one of the worst brands there are. Try a US robotics for blazing fast Dial up speed.
(If such a thing exists;) )
Still hangs

No, it does not boot into normal, it hangs just as before, just one win driver later than 'ptvcd'. Can't change modems, its onboard, it's an 'hsp'(?) 56k that routinely connects at 49333, reasonable for a dial up. Actually I'm only days away from running broadband from my office to my home thru Netgear's phoneline bridges, so modem capability is not an issue. Like I said, I think the problem is deeper than that. I've pulled the drive and going to install into another system as a second device to copy all the data files onto CD and then fdisk and format and start over.

Any info on my previous question about norton and safe mode?
norton most likely wont have any effect, ive seen it hose more machines than its fixed.
But what if you have multiple instances running on 1 irq, i know i have around 5 on irq 11..?? just a thought
Bad mb

Well it's starting to look like it's the motherboard. Plugged the hard drive into a fairly identical pc and it boots. Swapped memory between the two and symptoms remain the same. This is one of those Book PC machines (I have 3). This one's the oldest and has been showing signs of age, it just looked more like a OS problem than hardware. I'll be shopping eBay for a replacement today. Thanks again for the responses.
I know this is over two years old but my Dad's Book PC has just acquired this "ptvcd.vxd " problem. I've uninstalled the modem and deleted the StaticVXD. No real help. We have another spare BookPC. Do you recommend a motherboard swap or install XP or submerge in salt water
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