Halo - Warthog in [a place it shouldn't be].

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Hey guys.

I attemped (and successfully did) something with the Warthog in Halo on the campaign mode. See if you can figure out exactly what I did.

Bwahahaha!!! :D



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Thats on the Silent Cartographer right? If it is I'm stumped how you could get it there because that bit is blocked off by a skinny corridor right?


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Heh Ive done that in the XBOX halo:), you need to squeeze the warthog down a very narrow shaft, it's hard ,but it can be done, it takes a long time, but grenades and rockets helps get it down faster.


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shame on halo 2 its takes damage and blows up, otherwise it would be fun to do it on that aswell


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forgive me if i'm wrong...but i think you photoshopped that image or something...but i suppose its possible....never done it before though

btw, any1 wanna duel on halo multiplayer sometime? been playin it alot lately
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