Halo goes PC

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M$ made the official announcement today that the super-popular-originally-set-to-be-a-PC-game-now-on-Xbox Halo will make its way to the PC in summer of 2003. The port is not being handled by Bungie though, as they have passed off the duties to Gearbox, the makers of both Half-Life expansions and the upcoming Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.

IMO, there better be a load of improvements over the Xbox port because countless other PC First Person Shooters will be out by then, many of which will boast superior graphics and probably better gameplay. But geez, SUMMER 2003?!? Why does it has to take so long to make a port from a Xbox game to a PC game. Keep in mind the game was developped at first for the PC, and then Bungie was bought out by M$. Only then they made Halo for the Xbox.

Must be M$ marketing. ;)
You would think that it would come out quick. I wonder if they are planning for it taking off online for lots of gamers, like multiplayers deathmatches, etc. It would make sense.

Coming out in 2003 could be some marketing strategy, I just don't know what it is. :)

I look forward to it being out.
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