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How was everybodys halloween this year?
Nobody's really talked about it, it's just kinda gone, un-noticed :p
Me, myself, went out with my little brother, we got a bunch of candy... maybe 20 pounds worth... maybe... but yeah, it was quite an enjoyable halloween.



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Mine was quiet. I went out but really gave out candy. There was a sex offender in my neighborhood (lol) so maybe that's why people stayed inside. I'm 6'4", 185lbs, and have a couple of black belts under my belt, so I wasn't scared. But it was ok. I have a lot of candy, like around 10 lbs, not counting my candy that I bought... altogether it's around 17-20 lbs... lol... it was big event last year but I guess not this year....


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I played The Sims and chatted on MSN. I had all the lights out but no one knocked on the door anyway. This was my first year not trick or treating.


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It was DEAD. I went to the clinic. I was wondering why and I wad told..."You're getting your flu shot tonight!"

I went >_< all night until I got it. When I got it, I became: o_O and then it was finished. Which made me this: ^_^

In overall, there was almost slim to no kids in our neighborhood

~mr mixx~

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i watched "the most haunted" live on the travel channel, the other show i like other than that is GhostHunters , these are interesting to watch, some really strange paranormal on there.


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Well, I'm just glad it's over. Nothing exciting going on here in SoCal either. Everyone was partying somewhere. Now comes the best part......Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up!!!!!! Yay, how fun will that be? Food, family and friends, gifts, and cheerful people all around. Yeah, can we feel it?