Half Life Problem


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Ok So I started a game of Half Life 2 days ago and I am currently on "Surface Tension" and I am walking in between some rock walls and I go to change a part since im tesitng stuff at work and I get stuck...I can only rotate around no moving forward or crouching or anything...and it autosaves me there...please someone tell me there is a way to get out of this...This is the only save point I can access...

This is gonna piss me off...if i cant get out!!!



strafe demon

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Ok lets see here, sounds like a tough situation. I will fire up half life 2 in a bit to see some things, for now I know you can not actually crouch or nothing......but just sporadically press the crouch, jump, move buttons and maybe it will release you somehow.

Ronco Rox

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go to options<keyboard<advanced then click the box that say "Enable Console" now go back into the game and hit the "~" (tilda) key right next to the "1" key. now a screen will be brought up and type in "sv_cheats 1" and hit enter.

afterwards in the same console type in "noclip" and hit enter. now move around and you can move through walls and stuff. move to where you want and bring up the console again and type "noclip" and you will have normal physics again in the game and will be able to walk around as usually. :)