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After seeing The Matrix so many times it has put the mystery of hacking into my mind. I just don't understand how it works and how you would even begin to start to learn. Not that I want to apply it or anything because I would suck. I just want to know if any of you can tell me what the hell happens, how it works, and whatever else you can. It's really gettin my curiosity. And I don't care if curiosity killed the cat.


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this may turn out to be an interesting topic...
Yeah, just wait until Shoobie Rats gets on his soap box in this thread.

Nirvana89 said:
I just don't understand how it works and how you would even begin to start to learn.
You would need to know networking.

After that some C++ programming.

And knowledge of various networking operating systems such as MS Server, Linux, SuSe, Novell etc. etc. And that will get you started.


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"The Matrixity..."

Everything that happened in the matrix Reloaded is basically what happens when hacking. every city was a server, and those long white hallways were called: BITMAP overruns.

A bitmap overrun is what happens when much data is used at one time in short compressed little pieces, and the rest of it is forgotten. This data is what makes up openings into servers by hackers, and also represents the long white halway.
Which also makes it necissary to LOCK THE DOORS! This is where update paches come in to avoid inrusion from the halway.

I'll have more info later... :cool:


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Anyone know about the new certification there is about? CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker. Good hackers can make tons of money from big companies who pay them to just that the sh!t out of their network and tell them where the holes are.

You have to learn many programming languages, might I suggest to start with Assembly. It is the basic of all programming languages, and everything new that you learn will build off of that.

As for the Matrix, dont get me started on that. The first movie is one of my favorite movies of all time, changed my beliefs about life (lets not get into it). I read more deep into that movie than most people i know. As a huge Matrix fan, the two following movies were an insult. Terrible movies. They were alright as regular action B-movies, but not as Matrix movies.
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