ha ha ha ha!!!! :)

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I don't really know if this is something to brag about but...
:p :p :p :p
* goes to smoke after a long night of spanking the monkey *



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so I thought i'd have one last spank before my smoke, and opps, look what shan did....



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yep, it's a Logitech Optical....hehehe...

hmmmm, i might have to try the GlidePoint on my laptop one day.... i might get faster spanks ;) hahahahahahhaha!
oh yea, huh huh you want some of these spankin skillz?


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My victory speech...

"I'd like to thank all that voted for me and those who helped me really achive my level of sucsess. Chopper, you inspired me to try harder, thank you! Sir Gimp, you inspired me to laugh at you, and beat you down... like pulp in orange juice!" hahahahah....Damn i'm getting tired..
good call shawn, i see you're really on the ball...yea, you better get to sleep, you need 10+ hours a day! hehehehhe :p :}
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