Gyes, can I ask a really stupid question.


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I swear to god I've been at this all night.

I went too ASDA last nite and bought a new pair of head phones. Cost like £30 but the thing is the Microphone detaches from the headphones them selves. I have been threw every audio option to get good quality sound from the microphone but its just not happening with the headphones attached to a 3.5mm Jack extension and the headphones connected directly too the PC.

I have unplugged the 3.5mm jack from the headphones and plugged it directly in too the headphone jack socket on the PC and I am able after running countless tests of audio control too hear my voice but also in the background you can head my servers that are up and running.

Its picking up everything. Their is quite an echo as well.

The extension is cutting out and I'm getting problems with the audio.

What do you gyes think of having a 3.5mm male jack plugged in too the socket directly of a Microphone female jack with just a microphone too pick up sounds in the whole room.

I have been threw every option.

I'll upload a picture and show you what it looks like.

EDIT: The reason I ask is its just not an ideal solution and I'm not 100% on it running like this. I went threw a lot of different audio option and I need a new Male too Female Jack 3.5mm but I'm stuck with this until I get one.

The servers are annoying with their sound in the background and quite an echo.
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