Guess its about time.......

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...I introduced myself - kinda formal like.

photographer by trade but also a keen amateur artist,this interest has taken me right through to digital art to the point where I've now started to play about with photoshop.I'm even buying computer art magazines.

Technology fasinates me.What will the future look like?
I'm just starting to understand what a fantastic tool the internet is for finding that elusive information,y'know, the stuff
you dont always hear about on the news.

Games these days are a real treat.Before I played my first modern game (Red Faction),the last game I'd played was a hand held thing called Pac man.Today its unbelievable - I
wonder what games will be like in 2050? A certain episode of Red Dwarf (UK) comes to mind.
lol, Good to have ya!

Ya, it will be interesting to watch technology unfold before us.
especially now that moores law has been completely upended.

Welcome to Tech Forums!
Potography? Is that the taking pictures of illegal substances?
oh yea, lol

ummmm think of excuse...uhh uhh....damn i'm type thinking again...

My h key on my laptop is not working properlly...that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it.:D
hellow m8, and welcome to Tech Forums.
thanks for the introduction.
I started learning photographing myself lately, my 3rd biggest hobbie :)
welcome and have a gooood time :)
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