GTX 470 Fan Stuck

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As the title says. I was awaken at 5:30am by the loud sound of my GTX470 at 100 percent fan, and my screens were black and the computer not responding to input. So i restarted the computer and as soon as i did so, there it was again.. 100 percent fan speed.

I can not for the life of me to get it to change, i've tried MSI Afterburner and Vtune (off the Palit website with whom i bought the card from) but it refuses to change. I'm downloading the 197.75 beta drivers even though i am confident it is not them, seeing how the card goes to 100percent straight away on boot.

I need solutions people ! my ears are ringing from this noise.

On the plus side my GPU Core is only 46c.


Another weird point is MSI Afterburner even reports the fan speed as 40percent :s
Doesn't sound too good.. Have you tried Evga precision to change the fan speed? if It's not a driver issue id say its hardware related and id get it RMA'd
hmmm....have you tried different pcie slots? try your old card in there as well to see if it is a problem on that card as well.
I don't have other PCI-E Slots.. i'm old school.

I think this is unrelated but after i rebooted with the new beta drivers for nvidia i kept getting BSOD's after about 10seconds at desktop with this error:

Stop: 0x00000024
zcsxaqeaqgu9.sys Address 8C3801F2.. bla bla bla (i missed the rest)

But i booted up in safe mode and that file hasn't been altered for over 2 months. So now Im thinking its not the nvidia beta drivers either. What the heck.. so annoying.

I've totally powered down the pc, pulled the cable out, took the GPU in and out, removed the PCIE 6pin power cables from it. Left it for hours on end not turned on to not prevail.

Maybe if i boot up with out the card in, and then put the card back in ? I'm willing to try anything at the moment until Palit email me back.
Didnt work.

I did fix the BSOD though, booted up in safe mode and cut the driver that was causing the BSOD from system32 into my documents and renamed it with OLD on the end. Booted up and no BSOD, and then ESET Smart Security 4 detected it as a trojan and removed it. Whether it was or not im not sure, but either way bsod is gone.


I might try flash the gpu bios. As it's a reference board design, can i use any other manufacturers bios ? i found a gainward gtx470 bios. Infact, i think gainward and Palit are the same brand.
Flashing the video card bios will void your warranty so save your old bios. If you flash it and the problem doesn't go away you'll need to re-flash your old bios.
So it'll be alright flashing it with that gainward gtx 470 bios ?

If so, i've never done this before. How do i go about doing it ?
Tried flashing it with an evga gtx470 rom.. no luck, fan speed still stuck at 100percent.

**** thing now i gotta RMA it :cry:
RMA it, if the circuit controlling the fan speed is bad, then that's a sign that it is defective and there could be other, potential issues down the road.

Make sure you flash back to the old bios...
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