GTA3 Vice City on PC?

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What's up with this? I was really looking forward to a December release of Vice City. I guess Sony baught the rights to it, keeping it strictly console, just like what was done with the first one. Perhaps we'll see its release sometime soon, I've heard a lot of good things about it. :)
I hadnt heard it was gonna be strictly console. That would suck!
Nah, like the first one, eventually they'll released it for computer. But by then, it's already old news. It's too bad though, games like this one are much better on PC.
hmmm.... Ive heard rumors about it not comming out on PC. If it were to come out for PC, it would be already released. And there is a bigger market for PCs than PS2, so I dont think rockstart could be bought out by Sony.

I also wish GTA3 VC would come out for PC, but when?
Spose to come out this month, (in January) but it got set back I think. If it's done this soon, it probably means there's still no online capabilities. :( Either way though, its a fun game, I've got the original GTA3 game in now and am having a blast with it.
Wait. I just read in a car magazine that GTA: Vice City will release for PC in 2004.
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