GTA3 lame?

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In GTA2 you didn't have to complete missions....

but in GTA3 you do? Am I missing something here? Some days I just want to blow a few cars up or take a tank for a leisurely drive through town...

Is there a way to get around having to do the missions???

A friend brings over his PS2 and we just drive around on GTA3 without doing missions. I don't know how, but I'll ask him.

Okay, back.....he says it's a cheat. It's like doing a mission without a time limit or whatever.

Have you driven the bus? It's cool for a diversion. :D
Nope, it's not a cheat. The GTA series is based on the freedom to just screw everything and go crazy, and GTA3 is no different. Missions are not mandatory, so have fun!;)
"Missions are not mandatory, so have fun!"

hmm...I go to do what ever i like when i first start and after a while I get 'mission failed' when I do so...
if you're talking about when you first start out with that blue car, that's because the game starts you out in a mission. Just get out of the car and forget about're fine...otherwise, just drive the car to where it's supposed to be and you'll be free to do as you other missions in the game you can fail the mission and just keep playing...
well, i have mastered the game, all you have to do is go around and dont alk to the people that give you missions, but if you want to go to other cities, you have to do a certain mission, (such as the one to repair the callahan bridge).

you dont even HAVE TO do the missions. When you start at your save point dont go talking to a guy in order to do mission, just run over ppl, cruise around, kill em, w/e. the only mission YOU HAVE to do is the one in the beginning when you break out the the police car and the callahan bridge blows up. maybe thats where your stuck? :p
yea, i stopped playing gta3 cus i beat it 100%, i really dont believe myself, always hung around gta3 forums and figured out how to really play, firstly get all the hidden packages and everything else like the taxi and ambulance and patriot stuff, then go missions in portland to stanton, dont use a cheat, makes it not fun...jsut hang in there, and beat the game...before the gangs get you...oh and one more thing...people say flying the dodo is ez, but hard for me when i beat the game, guess im a nub, well...nothing really happens when u beat it 100%, and im sure cus in my stats, eveyrthing is practically perfect...nothing like what people say of stuff opening up, all not true, unless again i couldnt find it, but im sure there's, anyways, jsut beat the game and have the fun afterwards like me
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