GTA IV problems?


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So this is my pc....

Processor- intel core i5 2500k
Motherboard - Gigabyte Z68X UD3H B3
Video card - Radeon HD 7750
Memory - 6Gb
Hard Drive - 1Tb

So the problem I'm having is that I just bought that GTA complete pack on steam and GTA IV doesn't run too great. I ran the benchmark with all the settings on high and It said I had an average of 50 fps, but when I play it feels less than that and when I get up to speed in a car it's really bad... It gets kinda slow and there's a bit of steering lag. The performance doesn't get any better when I turn all the settings to low... I haven't turned the resolution down yet because I forgot to try that.

Shouldn't my pc be able to run GTA just fine?


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They did a really bad job of converting GTA 4 to PC, it's full of problems, you will find loads of people with GTA 4 PC problems, I just give up in the end and brought a XBOX 360.


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yeah gta 4 has allot of problems.
a friend of mine is a fan of police and ambulance cars. so i taught him how to import custom cars to the game.
he wanted them to sound right and have siren (custom police cars don't have siren) that requires some other kind of mod.
that was not without problem, and took some time to get working. then he added some more cars and then all cars in the city was taxi's.
after fixing that he wanted some kind of police mod where he could be a cop and arrest people.
then hell breaks loose. we had to reinstall the a game and only update with patch 4. then it worked.

we also had that lag problem in the start, we updated the game and it worked.
i think you have to manual update gta 4 even if you have it on steam. check your version to se if thats the case.


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Well It's all good now anyway, I installed ICEnhancer (the graphics overhaul mod) And now it runs great and looks even better! I guess the port over to pc just had to be optimized!


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Technically your computer should play the game just fine. My computer:

Biostar Motherboard
ATI Radeon HD 4670
AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 4000+ 2.11GHz (OC'd to 2.80GHz)

And I'm getting 60FPS even in fast cars. My computer isn't particularly new either and neither is the hardware. But:

My game is fully updated to patch
I run GameBooster (Doesn't help a whole lot)
I don't allow a lot of other programs to run at the same time

Try doing what I do (Download, install and run GameBooster and see if that helps) and update the game fully by downloading the latest Rockstar Games patches and downloading the Windows Live updates. Make sure your computer's hard drive is clear of clutter and you defragment the hard drive frequently. Run virus scans lots too. You can also use a PC optimizer as well, which can help the game perform better.

This part, I don't recommend all too much but you can try downloading a mod that enhances the performance.

You can also try the GTA IV commandline.txt trick. Just open your GTA IV installation folder, and inside that folder, create a new text document called 'commandline' without quotations. Then open it, and type:


This should help with the performance a bit, it helped me when I did it.

Rockstar Games did a poor job of porting the Xbox version of the game over to the PC, that's why performance can be substandard even on powerful computers.