Grrr Toshiba Laptop help...


In Runtime
Got a Toshiba Satellite with Vista on it. Try to keep it short and sweet....Vista was bein stupid like usual and I hate vista. Reformatted and tried to install XP. Not a good idea....Now Ive got a vista CD in it and it wont let me boot from cd. I went into BIOS changed the boot order, but everytime it just goes to the screen where you can go "safe mode" "last known good configuration" etc etc and never allows me to boot from CD. After that the Windows XP with the little green bars goin across that signifies XP is loading comes up then the computer restarts itself :(...Ive never had this problem so I have no Idea what to do


Daemon Poster
Try tapping the F12 key as the computer is starting, it should give you the boot options.