Wallaby Dan

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United States
The only way to go today with Prices so high. This is my fourth build since i started having issues with the Dell i had at the time. That was back in 2008 maybe 2009 But been awhile for sure. I built then on a asus mother board I can't remember what model bit it had a Pentium 4 with 3 gigs of usable ram, (4 gigs installed), 80 gig with XP installed. Second was a asus athlion 64X2 i think was a 2.2gig with 3 gigs usiable (4 installed). Same hardware pcu, hd and case. Next was new case. With a asus board and Athilon 64X2 3.0 g and 4 gigs of ram Using 64 bit os. Upgrade motherboard to new asus with that same cpu and 8 gigs of ram. Now a new Asus motherboard with a 4 core 4 thread 3g cpu and aftermarket cpu cooler, (coolmaster). New PCU 650 80 gold. New hard drives 1ssd the other a raptor. During all these upgrades i still use the keyboard i had with that old Dell. It still works great for me so why replace it. I think my next build will be a a ryzen 5 maybe a 3200 with 16 gigs of ram. that with the rest of the stuff i have now should be a good build. Anyway thats a plan if this board dies. I had fun building all of them and look forward to getting the pieces for my next build. Later Wd