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New guy here.
Been building or upgrading my own computer for some years now.
Really enjoy older turn based games.
Thinking about putting together a machine from parts that I have laying around just for gaming.


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Welcome aboard, Scratch. We're glad to have you. You sound like quite a few of us around here.

The last computer I cobbled together from spare parts I sold to the daughter of a buddy of mine. Ryzen 1600, MSI B350 Gaming Plus, Antec 550W PSU from my last upgrade, 2x4GB RAM, 500GB SSD, RX570, and bought a Cooler Master MasterBox K500 to house it all.

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Welcome to the forum. You are not the only one here that takes old stuff and throws it together and makes a Computer out of it. Good luck and have a good time here, Wd68


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Welcome aboard!

I have like 4 computers built from leftover parts. People around me don't make good use of their old computer so I salvage them. Blown up CPU or mobo or whatever and the rest is thrown away or stored to collect dust, lots of dust. Let alone my old computers before upgrading, since I use the old usable parts notably storage, the PSU and the GPU before it needs an upgrade.


My son built himself a new computer a month ago or so and gave me his old parts. A Gigabyte MB with 2700K i5 cpu, 16GB RAM and a GeForce GTX 480 gpu. I ordered a case, power supply and 240GB SSD. We'll see if this Frankenstein build can come back and I'll be yelling, "It's alive! It's alive!".


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My GTX 480 is coupled with an i5 750. Gets bottlenecked. Some not so late late games like GTA5 and Darksouls3 could still play 720p at decent speed.

Anyway, looks like here we don't build PC's from "scratch" any more.


I think that's because once you have built at least 1 computer, it's rare that you need to replace every single part in order to upgrade. For instance, about 6 months ago I upgraded my main computer by replacing the MB, CPU, RAM and GPU but kept the same case, power supply, SSD, HDDs and optical drive.